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Pwnium CTF 2014 pwn 200 Be a robot

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Pwnium CTF....but there is only one pwn problem. lol
(pwn100 was down.)

The problem gave us a host that we can login by ssh and do something.
Our goal is using the executable named pwn200 to get the content of file named flag under the same directory.

After using IDA to reverse the elf, we can find the vulnerability is in the fucntion atExit().

int __cdecl atExit(signed int age){
  int (*v2)(void); // [sp+Ch] [bp-Ch]@0

  if ( age <= 25 ){
    if ( age 0 ){
      v2 = kid;
      v2 = adult;
    v2 = man;
  return v2();

If we input a negative number, the elf won't initialize the variable v2.
Therefore, we can control eax and execute arbitrary code.

We can't jump to shellcode easily because of ASLR protection.
However, the program provide a magic function test() which call system() and just print hacked.
We can use ROP to do something to read flag.
With no difficulty, I found the ROP chain to call system and controll esp to change the argument.
But where can I put the command to get flag ? I stuck in tis problem for a while.
Finally, I used the environment variable to solve the problem.
Set an environment variable as cat flag with a lot of blanks. Like that:

DDAA=" "*130000 + "cat flag"

Then we can guess the address of our environment variable.
It must be between cat and =.
Once it was right in our guess, we can see the flag of pwn200.

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