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HITCON CTF 2016 crypto 150 OTP


Sovled: 12 / 1024

今年是第一次以出題方的身分參加 HITCON CTF
以解題人數來看, 這題應該可以加到 200 分

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BCTF 2016 crypto 200 Special RSA

XCTF , rsa

這題是很基本的 crypto 題目
從有 94 隊解就知道了...= =
不過我還是想了好久 QQ
趁記憶深刻趕快寫這篇 write-up

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ASIS CTF Crypto 150 Random Image

Other CTF

I didn't spend a lot of time at this CTF because I need to present my project about openstack. 217 is very powerful. When I joined the game, most of problems have been solved. I tried to solve the problem easy reading, but finally it ..

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